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Washington, DC — We Belong Together, a campaign of women for fair immigration policies, decries Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration announced today. In the orders, Trump sets forth plans to further militarize the U.S.-Mexico border by enabling the construction of the border wall. He further orders the restoration of the notorious and discredited Secure Communities program, as well as stripping federal funding from sanctuary cities, policies which were originally initiated by faith communities to protect refugees fleeing war.

Andrea Cristina Mercado, Co-Chair of We Belong Together, stated:

“These executive orders, issued today, are not real solutions, but tools to incite fear and terrorize immigrant families, while expecting Americans to foot the bill. For years, immigrant women and families have led campaigns to dismantle the so called Secure Communities program and urged their local governments to adopt sanctuary policies that keep women, children and communities safe by helping to build more trusting relationships between immigrant communities and local law enforcement. Trump’s executive orders are yet another example of how the administration is trying to move our country backwards. We will not let his administration violate human rights, and pillage our democracy. We will defend immigrant families, due process and justice. We stand by local elected officials who are committed to protecting all of their residents and will be on the right side of history in defending sanctuary city policies, and opposing the federal government’s efforts to attack vulnerable communities and dismantle democracy. The energy galvanized in the Women’s March last Saturday in opposition to Trump’s hateful policies, will continue. Millions of women insist on welcoming immigrants and refugees and honoring their contributions to our nation.”

Lidia Cruz, Executive Director of Labor Justice Committee in El Paso, Texas, and immigrant leader with We Belong Together, stated:

“As an immigrant from Mexico and a resident of El Paso, Texas, I have seen families and border communities torn apart by inhumane immigration policies. While the so-called border wall has existed for decades, Trump’s recent executive orders will increase raids on immigrants, separate more families, and lead to more hate crimes. Above all, I’m concerned for immigrant women at the border, many of whom are the breadwinners and heads of their households, working as domestic workers with almost no labor protections. We do not need another wall at the border -- we need to address the persecution, the discrimination, the criminalization, and labor exploitation of those who are most vulnerable.

About We Belong Together We Belong Together is a campaign co-anchored by the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum to mobilize women in support of immigration policies that keep families together and empower women.