Consultant Fee: 
$20,000 (including expenses)
Start Date: 
July 22, 2019
Work Location: 
Position Summary: 

NDWA Labs is the innovation arm of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, one of the most dynamic and successful social change organizations in the world. NDWA Labs seeks to address the dearth of entrepreneurial talent and energy focused on improving the quality of domestic work jobs. In order to most effectively address this shortage, we plan to incubate and invest in early-stage ideas, models, and companies that have a potential application within our movement, if successful. 

To kick off these efforts, we plan to conduct a landscape analysis of entrepreneurs and ventures working in the care sector and in adjacent industries. We are seeking a methodical and efficient consultant to conduct this landscape analysis and provide a report on key findings. 

Who We Are: Call us crazy, but we’re building, incubating, and investing in new solutions to fix really, really old problems. Experimentation is in our DNA. We see value where others don’t and we make visible what’s always been invisible. We’re deeply committed to workers, and we’re the ones to bring every conversation — whether about the care economy, the future of work, the gig economy, or the social safety net — back to what workers need. We love sitting at the uncomfortable intersection of nonprofit / labor organization / tech startup and now early stage innovation. We’re not afraid to try 5 not-so-great ideas to get to 1 really good one, but we want to interrogate the data and make a call quickly. We fundamentally believe workers should have a seat at the table and that domestic work can and should be a good job.


Responsibilities and Key Deliverables:

  • Map and interview accelerators about pipeline of ventures (both for-profit and non-profit) intersecting with any of the following areas: care sector, gig work (with application to care sector), fintech, future of work, training. Key questions to answer include:
    • What types of ventures are out there in our sector and adjacent sectors? 
    • At what stage are these ventures? 
    • What ventures already exist that have the potential to improve job quality for domestic workers (whether they are already working with domestic workers or not)? 
    • What are the models of existing accelerators? 
  • Map and interview care sector and other relevant entrepreneurs. Key questions to answer include:
    • What are their greatest current needs? 
    • What, if any, accelerators have they participated in? 
    • What gaps currently exist in the accelerator landscape? 
    • What would their dream accelerator look like? 
    • How do they think about social impact? 
    • What are the biggest challenges they face to improving job quality for the workers/contractors they employ or impact?
    • How can NDWA successfully engage relevant entrepreneurs/ventures that want to go high road / want to improve the care sector? 
    • What type of relationship would entrepreneurs/ventures want with NDWA, if any?
  • Map and interview investors, who have invested in the care sector. Key questions to answer include:
    • What kind of business models are investors seeing and wanting to fund? What problems are these companies solving for? 
    • What kind of business models are investors seeing and choosing not to fund? What problems are these companies solving for? 
    • What drives an investor to choose to fund or pass on companies in the care sector? 
  • Map and interview care market experts. Key questions to answer include:
    • What are the dominant trends in the market relating to care? 
    • What are the gaps in the market? 
    • Are there key trends in the industry that are getting overlooked? 
  • Research and summarize existing mission lock mechanisms (i.e. impact covenants, etc.) that exist when making an investment in a for-profit venture. 
  • Provide a summary report of key findings 
Job Requirements: 
  • Previous consulting experience strongly preferred 
  • Knowledge of both the innovation landscape and the key issues affecting the lives of domestic workers preferred
  • Skilled researcher and synthesizer of information
  • Strong writing and presentation skills 
  • Proactive, independent approach and ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines

To apply: Applicant reviews and interviews to begin in July 2019. Women, People of Color, People with Disabilities and LGBTQ people strongly urged to apply. Please submit proposals via this link:

Proposals should include the following:

  • Resume;
  • Cover letter explaining why you feel you are the right person or team for this contract, citing examples of previous work; and
  • List of current and former clients and projects.